Creative Short-Form

Creating short-form content is a new skill of mine that has opened the door to many opportunities, including having fun with social media, graphic design, ads, copy, and more. Please enjoy some of the creative projects I’ve been able to complete so far!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics make for a stimulating introduction between brands and consumers. The first fleeting glimpse is never a goodbye, but a see you later.

Social Media

Social media is the lunchroom of the internet and I’ve saved a seat for you. Whether it’s your first day or you’re the king of the dining hall, it’s lovely to be here together. This is a place to express yourself and enjoy all the possibilities of social media.

Creative Writing

My experience with creative writing goes beyond traditional social copy. Although powerful, I feel my creativity shows true in advanced script writing on the video projects I’ve produced and directed. Additionally, with a degree in Rhetoric, Media, and Social Change, I have a background in writing creative essays on social theory, philosophy, and trends in media. Please see my video projects here and some creative essays below.