About Autumn Osia

I fell in love with cameras at a very young age. It began with throw-away cameras I brought on every adventure to starting my own business and improving upon my passion daily. My dedication to digital storytelling led me to graduate from Drake University with honors in 2022. Diversifying my studies to not only understand the technical, but my impact has always been important to me. Listening to the world means understanding each other a little better. See below for a peek into what my studies consisted of and read about my latest adventures here.


  • Digital Media Production: “In this major, you’ll master the use of a multimedia palette of video, audio, photography, and text across a variety of platforms. Including broadcast video and audio, web, tablets, and smartphones, you’ll gain the skills and experiences needed to succeed. Varying careers include digital media producers for television, radio, websites, sports networks, commercials, documentaries, films, or corporate communication.”
  • Rhetoric, Media, and Social Change: “Rhetoric, Media, and Social Change courses bring critical attention to the nature of representations and knowledge practices in communication. How do these mediate our lives and experiences? We examine how concepts of identity, community, public life, ethics, and morality are contested and changed. Students learn to analyze media from across political, popular, and professional cultures. How can we understand social change in diverse settings? You will consider how media and culture offer resources to engage in political action in your own life.”
  • Sociology: “At Drake, sociology students thoughtfully engage with critical social issues. The program combines social theory and research design coursework with elective classes chosen by the student based on personal interests. Community-engaged learning provides hands-on experience in local, national, and global contexts. The major prepares students for professional work in nonprofit sectors, government service, social services, law, human resources, and other fields.”


I am the Multimedia Specialist at NCMIC and my job is centered around creating visual and social media assets with the marketing team to promote multiple lines of business. Previously, I held the title of Photo Editor and Social Media Manager at the Times-Delphic, Research Assistant for Drake University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I even started my own photography business before 20. My internship experience has ranged from PBS, Urban Plains, Sven’s Skincare, INHF, Baker Group, and The Canine Country Club. In these roles, I have developed leadership skills, creativity, and the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment.